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About Building Inspections (281KB)
Building inspections are necessary to ensure that a home complies with local building ordnances.
About Building Inspectors (215KB)
Building inspectors can represent a variety of interests.
About Concrete (177KB)
Mixing aggregate cement and water together makes Concrete.
About Drywall (536KB)
Learn all about drywall.
About Painters Putty (226KB)
Be sure to use the right putty for your painting job.
About Rebar (203KB)
Rebar is used to reinforce structural concrete and masonry.
About the Architect (350KB)
Understand the roll of your Architect.
About the Painter (240KB)
Understanding the roll of a professional painter will help with your own paint project.
Adjusting a Faucet Lift Rod (171KB)
See how to adjust a faucet lift rod.
Advanced Wall Framing Parts (461KB)
Review some advanced wall framing techniques.
Air Conditioner Unit Calculator (161KB)
Find out what size Air Conditioner you will need for your room.
Apply Latex Paint to Walls with an Airless Sprayer (262KB)
Follow these guidelines for best results when applying latex paint to walls with an airless sprayer.
Applying Latex Paint to Walls (176KB)
There are advantages and disadvantages to painting with rollers or airless paint sprayers.
Applying Latex Paint to Walls with a Roller (152KB)
These tips will help you more effectively paint walls using rollers.
Applying Painters Putty (293KB)
Follow these guidelines when using painters putty to complete a professional quality job.
Architect's Scale (221KB)
The most common type of scale used on floor plans is architect's scale.
Attaching Water Supply Tubes (192KB)
To attach water supply tubes between the shutoff valve and the faucet, follow these steps.
Attaching Water Supply Tubes to a Faucet (146KB)
Follow these steps to attach water supply tubes to a faucet.
Attaching Water Supply Tubes to the Valves (143KB)
Follow these steps to attach water supply tubes to the water supply valves.
Attic Insulation Calculator (179KB)
Calculate the amount of insulation you may need for your attic.
Basic Structural Parts (173KB)
Learn more about the basic structural parts you'll find in most structures.
Basic Wall Framing Parts (230KB)
Review the basics of wall framing.
Bearing & Non-Bearing Walls (238KB)
Before you build or remodel, you will need to understand the impact bearing and non-bearing walls can have on the design and layout of your home.
Before You DIY: Get Ready for Disappointment (320KB)
Home improvement projects do not always work out the way you want. Disappointment is part of doing some projects.
Before You Do it Yourself: Evaluate Yourself (424KB)
It is important to evaluate you abilities before you begin a home improvement project.
Before You Do it Yourself: Learn How to be Safe (270KB)
Learn how to be safe and take precautions when doing home improvement projects.
Blueprint Symbols (289KB)
Blueprints use symbols to indicate the location of things such as walls, windows, doors, and light fixtures. Take a look at some of the common symbols you will find on a typical building plan.
Blueprint Views (261KB)
Learn about the five basic views found on most plans.
Boxing Paint for a Uniform Color (167KB)
Use the boxing method to ensure a uniform tint when painting from multiple cans of paint.
Building a Dog House (1114KB)
Use these plans to build a dog house that will keep your pet safe and warm.
Building a House: The Ground You Build On (347KB)
The soil is the most critical component in the structural framework of a building.
Building a Picnic Table (831KB)
Follow these steps to build a picnic table that would be welcome in any back yard.
Buying Water Supply Tubes (252KB)
Be sure to determine the correct length before buying water supply tubes.
Calculating Roof Slope (177KB)
Learn how to calculate a roof slope.
Carpet Grain (245KB)
When carpet is rolled for shipping, fibers are pressed down in one general direction creating a directional slant or grain.
Carpet Width (206KB)
Carpet roll width is an important factor in calculating the amount of carpet needed for you project.
Ceramic Floor Tile Calculator (196KB)
Calculate the right amount of tile for your flooring project.
Changing a Furnace Filter (379KB)
Improve indoor air quality, extend the life of your furnace and reduce your utility bill by changing your furnace filter regularly.
Checking Your Newly Installed Faucet for Leaks (186KB)
Be sure to inspect these areas when checking a newly installed faucet for leaks.
Checking the Sink Waste Assembly for Leaks (192KB)
Follow these steps to fix common causes of waste assembly leaks.
Choosing Oil-Based or Latex Paints (371KB)
Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both oil based and latex based paints.
Choosing Water Supply Tubes (241KB)
Choose the right type of water supply tube for your project.
Choosing a Ladder (268KB)
Understand the difference between varying types of ladders and choose the right one for the job.
Choosing a Paint Primer (240KB)
Be sure to choose the correct type of primer for your painting project.
Choosing a Smoke Detector (480KB)
Consider these issues when choosing a smoke detector.
Cleaning Latex Paint From Your Brushes (201KB)
Follow these steps to clean latex paint from your brushes.
Cleaning Oil Paint From Your Brushes (198KB)
Follow these steps to clean oil paint from your brushes.
Cleaning Rain Gutters (551KB)
To help protect your home from water damage gutters should be cleaned regularly-especially if you live around trees.
Cleaning a Furnace Filter (187KB)
Guidelines for cleaning a furnace filter.
Cleaning with TSP (218KB)
Cleaning with TSP can help new paint adhere to old paint.
Concrete Column Calculator (140KB)
Calculate the amount of concrete you will need for your fence posts or other columns.
Concrete Crack Repair Products (275KB)
Crack fillers can vary significantly in expense and effectiveness. So make sure you choose one that's right for your situation and budget.
Concrete Patio Calculator (143KB)
Calculate how much concrete you need for a new patio or other rectangular slab.
Determine a Brush Stroke Pattern (0KB)
Before you start painting, determine the direction of your brush strokes.
Determining the Depth of the Foundation Hole (179KB)
The contractor considers a number of factors to determine the appropriate depth for the foundation hole.
Disposing of a Smoke Detector (197KB)
Follow these guidelines to dispose of your smoke detector properly.
Door Openings (306KB)
Learn how door openings are framed.
Drying Lumber (291KB)
Learn how and why lumber is dried.
Drywall Calculator (198KB)
Use this calculator to order the right amount of materials for your drywall project.
Engineer's Scale (185KB)
Engineer's scale is used on plans that show very large dimensions, such as a plot plan.
Factors that Determine the House Footing Depth (427KB)
There are important factors that determine the maximum and minimum depth of the footings.
Fence Calculator (135KB)
Create your fence layout then let this calculator generate a list of materials you'll need to build it.
Fixing Lavatory Faucet Leaks (472KB)
Follow these steps to fix lavatory faucet leaks.
Fixing Water Supply Tube Leaks (215KB)
These steps can help you fix water supply tube leaks.
Grass Seed Calculator (215KB)
Calculate how much grass seed you will need for your lawn project.
Hail Damage to Composition Shingles (358KB)
Learn to recognize hail damaged composition shingles.
How Carpet Direction Affects Installation (316KB)
The direction carpet is laid can significantly impact the amount of waste.
How Matching Issues Affect Carpet Installation (302KB)
Matching issues can affect how carpet is installed and how much you will have to buy.
How Paints are Made (240KB)
Learn which basic materials are used to make paint.
How the Carpet Cut Affects Installation (272KB)
How the carpet will be cut can have a significant impact on your carpet installation.
How to Use a Table Saw (396KB)
A table saw is a versatile and powerful tool that demands respect. Follow all instructions and warnings carefully to avoid injury and to complete a quality project.
Identifying Bearing & Non-Bearing Walls (277KB)
How to tell if a wall is bearing or non-bearing.
Identifying Wood Shakes and Shingles (670KB)
Understand the difference between wood shakes and wood shingles.
Installing Color Rings on a Cross Handle Faucet (161KB)
View instruction for installing optional color rings on a cross handled faucet.
Installing Color Rings on a Lever Handle Faucet (155KB)
View instruction for installing optional color rings on a lever handled faucet.
Installing a Drain Plug (Easy Removal Method) (173KB)
Use this method to install a sink drain plug that is easy to remove.
Installing a Faucet (535KB)
Follow these steps to install a faucet.
Installing a Metal Waste Assembly in a Sink (238KB)
Follow these steps to install a metal waste assembly in a sink.
Installing a Plastic Waste Assembly in a Sink (208KB)
Follow these steps to install a plastic waste assembly in a sink.
Installing a Sprinkler System (648KB)
After your sprinkler system layout has been designed, follow these steps to install it.
Installing a Vandal-Resistant Drain Plug (185KB)
Learn how to install a sink drain plug that is vandal resistant.
Interior Paint Calculator (159KB)
Calculate how much paint you need for your rectangular or L-shaped room.
Ionization Smoke Detectors (297KB)
Learn how ionization smoke detectors work.
Know When to Say No (365KB)
Know what types of projects you should not try to do on your own.
Laminate Flooring Calculator (200KB)
Calculate the materials you will need for a new Pergo laminate floor.
Latex Allergies and Latex Paint (166KB)
The latex used in paint is probably not the same latex that causes your allergy.
Learn About Wood Shingles (504KB)
Learn about the different types and qualities of wood shingles.
Learn More About Latex Paints (281KB)
Learn about the most common materials used to make latex paint.
Learn More About Oil Paints (304KB)
Learn more about how oil based paints are made.
Masking and Covering (517KB)
Masking and covering before you paint will help protect the room from the inevitable spills and drips that occur when painting.
Measuring Tip (246KB)
Use this simple trick to easily divide an area into equal parts.
Measuring a Board (301KB)
Follow these tips for more accurate measurements.
Overlaying Composition Shingle Roofs (333KB)
It's not always necessary to tear off old shingles when replacing composition shingles.
Paint Straining and Thinning (322KB)
These two steps can be a very important part of paint preparation.
Painting with Brushes (202KB)
Learn some basic techniques that make painting with brushes more effective.
Painting with Pads (249KB)
Painting with pads can be very effective for some applications.
Patching a Door Knob Hole in a Wall (431KB)
Patching a Door Knob Hole in a Wall
Plunging a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal (215KB)
These tips will help you more effectively plunge a slow draining garbage disposal.
Preparing New Brushes (207KB)
Improve the performance of a new paintbrush by breaking it in before using it.
Protecting Your Newly Installed Faucet From Damage (215KB)
Debris caught inside plumbing pipes can damage your faucet.
Read the Owners Manual (209KB)
Always read the owners manual before using a tool or starting a project.
Removing a Screw That's Stripped (161KB)
Follow these steps when you need to remove a stripped screw.
Removing a Screw That's Stuck (161KB)
Follow these steps when you need to remove a screw that is stuck.
Repairing Cracks in Concrete (353KB)
Always follow the directions on the concrete crack filler you buy but for all products here are a few rules of thumb that usually apply.
Replacing a Split Circuit Electrical Outlet (652KB)
Follow these steps to safely replace a split circuit electrical outlet.
Replacing a Standard Electrical Outlet (583KB)
Follow these steps to safely replace a standard electrical outlet
Replacing a Switch Cover Plate (293KB)
Follow these steps to safely replace an electrical switch cover plate.
Replacing a Switched Electrical Outlet (588KB)
Follow these steps to safely replace a switched electrical outlet.
Replacing an Outlet Cover Plate (309KB)
Follow these steps to safely replace an outlet cover plate.
Resetting Your Garbage Disposal (192KB)
These steps will help you safely restart your garbage disposal.
Restarting Your Garbage Disposal Motor (219KB)
Follow these steps to safely restart your garbage disposal motor.
Retaining Wall Calculator (167KB)
Calculate how many blocks you will need for your retaining wall project.
Return on Investment for Home Improvement Projects (184KB)
Project the percentage of return for the home improvement project you're considering.
Roofing Calculator (105KB)
Create a list of materials you will need to shingle four different roof types.
Rough-Cut Boards (163KB)
Boards produced from the first cutting of a tree are rough-cut.
Sanding Screens (263KB)
Sanding screens have many advantages over sandpaper for sanding drywall.
Sanding Walls and Ceilings Before Painting (227KB)
Lightly sanding walls and ceilings may sometimes be necessary before beginning your paint project.
Sandpaper (272KB)
Learn the basics about sandpaper and choose the right type for your project.
Scale (204KB)
To accurately represent a large structure with a much smaller drawing on paper, the building plans are drawn to scale.
Selecting a Paint Color (234KB)
Consider these issues when choosing a paint color for your project.
Selecting a Paint Finish (238KB)
These guidelines can help you choose the best paint finish for the job.
Smoke Detector Alerts (152KB)
Smoke detectors are available with varying types of alerts.
Smoke Detector Power (254KB)
Smoke detectors are usually powered in one of three ways.
Smoke Detector Sensors (245KB)
Most smoke detectors use one of two types of sensors to detect smoke.
Sprinkler Head Spacing (290KB)
These guidelines will help you plan for appropriate sprinkler head spacing.
Sprinkler System Components (453KB)
Most sprinkler systems include several key components.
Sprinklers for Flower Beds and Shrubs (269KB)
Select the right type of sprinklers for your flower beds and shrubs.
Stirring the Paint (182KB)
Stirring the paint is an important part of painting preparation.
Surfacing Boards (384KB)
Learn how surfacing rough cut lumber changes the lumber dimensions.
Table Saw Measurements (262KB)
Follow these measuring guidelines to complete an accurate cut when using a table saw.
Table Saw Safety (438KB)
When using a table saw, follow all instructions and warnings carefully to avoid injury and to complete a quality project.
Testing a Smoke Detector (374KB)
Test your smoke detector regularly to be sure it is working correctly.
The Rafter-Angle Square (365KB)
There are many uses for a rafter-angle square. This lesson will show you how to use a rafter angle square.
Tornado Precautions (891KB)
Following a few basic guidelines to prepare for a tornado or severe weather can prove to be invaluable.
Turning Off Gas to Individual Appliances (370KB)
Many gas appliances have their own shutoff valve. Learn how to safely use this valve
Turning Off the Electricity (397KB)
Always turn off the electricity when working with any part of your homes electrical system.
Turning Off the Gas Main (294KB)
Normally you should not turn off the gas to your home yourself. However, you should know how to in case of an emergency.
Turning Off the Main Water Supply (257KB)
It is a good idea to know how to turn off the main water supply to your home for a number of reasons.
Types of Framing Lumber (214KB)
Different species of trees produce wood of different hardness and strength.
Types of Sprinkler Heads (346KB)
Learn about the most common types of residential sprinkler heads.
Uninstalling a Lavatory Faucet (283KB)
Follow these steps to uninstall a faucet.
Unjamming Your Garbage Disposal Properly (307KB)
Follow these steps to safely unjam your garbage disposal.
Using Stepladders Safely (291KB)
Follow these rules to prevent ladder accidents.
Using Your Garbage Disposal Properly (496KB)
Following a few basic guidelines will extend the life of your garbage disposal.
Using a Circular Saw (681KB)
Learn how to use your circular saw safely.
Using a Combination Square (432KB)
Understand the many uses of this versatile tool.
Using a Coping Joint for Installing Baseboard (387KB)
Learn how to cut coping joints for baseboard installation.
Using a Mason's Line (180KB)
Use a mason's line when building a brick wall.
Wall Ties (178KB)
When there is an intersection between framed walls, a wall tie is added.
Wallpaper Calculator (193KB)
Purchase the right amount of wallpaper for your project.
Water Softener Calculator (142KB)
Order the right size water softener for your home.
When to Repair Cracks in Concrete (286KB)
Learn to recognize when concrete cracks need to be repaired.
Why Lumber Dimensions Sometimes Vary (180KB)
Moisture in wood can cause the dimensions of a board to vary slightly.
Window Openings (347KB)
Learn how window openings are framed.
York Furnace Recall Notice (321KB)
The Consumer Products Safety Commission and York International Corporation have announced a recall for several York-built furnaces.